About Us

Omer Segoly:
Founder & Project Manager

SEGOLY SOLUTIONS was established by Omer Segoly in 2008 as a Web Design and IT consulting business. Our company specializes in the design and implementation of informational and database-driven websites. We deliver a high-level service and pride upon the satisifaction and success of our customers.

Our team comprises of incredible Graphic Designers and Web Developers with years of experience. Omer acts as the lead person on all projects. “Omer is a very warm, patient and understanding man that has the sensitivity to work with others in a very pleasant fashion” says Lesley Lewis, the owner of Culture 3 Counsel. You will be provided with impressive customer service and we will do our best to remain as accessible as possible throughout the project and after it is delivered.

SEGOLY SOLUTIONS is operating from Vancouver but deals with clients worldwide. We have dealt with businesses located in Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, and more. Distance has never been an issue. We have the tools and experience to service anyone in the world with an equal quality of service.

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