Boost traffic to your website using Social Commenting

Many blogs and CMS-based (Content Management System) websites come equipped with a commenting feature, which allows users to post comments on your website. To do so, a user has to either register & login or to fill in a few basic fields (e.g. Name and Email).

Since 2010, website owners and bloggers have started using Social Commenting wherever possible. This utilizes existing Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to help host and manage comments on a website or a blog. It helps speed up the commenting process, eliminates the need for ANOTHER registration and best of all, it boosts traffic.

Below are some ups & downs to Social Commenting:

Boost Traffic

Each time a user comments on your blog using their Facebook account, the comment will be visible on their Facebook Wall and may make it on their friends’ newsfeed. This is a priceless method to increase traffic to your website. It is as simple as:

  1. Setting up Social Commenting on your website
  2. Writing good content
  3. Choosing an attractive title and a good image to go with it
  4. Posting the URL (web address) as a Link on your fan page or personal page
  5. Now sit back and watch the traffic stream in from Facebook.

Everyone has Facebook

Using Social Commenting makes it easier for your users as they do not have to register to another website. You can also provide alternative options for those who do not have a Facebook account or do not wish to use it.

Once a user connects into your website using their Facebook account, your website will remember them in the future.


Blog spamming may be reduced? This one is questionable. Search Engine Optimizers have been utilizing commenting sections on relevant websites to increase website ranking. This requires a website owner/administrator to monitor all comments and eliminate spam. Blogging sites and Content Management Systems have implemented ways to control comments. You can set up email notification for new comments, you can adjust the content of any comment on your website, and much more.

With Social Commenting, these options are no longer there. You can delete comments of course, but nothing beyond that.

Facebook is now implementing a new plugin that will be much more powerful and will assign each user a Credibility Score. This is huge for website owners and bloggers. It is expected to be launched at some point throughout Feb 2011.