Successful Physiotherapy Clinic

Successful Physiotherapy Clinics in this day and age have to take an extra step to stand out. Counting on referrals and word-of-mouth to drive in clientele will only get you so far.

The fact is that everyone nowadays uses Search Engines to find what they are looking for. People have instant access to the internet in the home, at the office, and even on-the-go via mobile devices. When a Physiotherapist is needed, a list of thousands of clinics in the region can be produced in a matter of seconds.

By typing Physiotherapy Vancouver into Google for example, I get 276,000 results! That’s huge! What does that mean for you as a Physiotherapy Clinic owner? Whether you have a website in place or not, you need to do something for your Physiotherapy Clinic to be listed near the top of the search results. No body is going to be flipping through 20 results pages until they find you. In fact, 92% of Search Engine users only view the first 3 pages of search results.

If your website does not appear in one of the first 3 page results for your targeted keywords (e.g. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) you better put everything down and start re-thinking your online strategy. There’s no point of spending another dollar on your website if it does not yield good search engines results.

It does not matter how flashy and well-structured your website is. If it is not capable of driving-in traffic via Search Engines, it is not an effective business website. This may not apply to all websites of course. It all depends on the purpose which the site was built to serve. A small portion of websites are built to serve as an informational resource for existing clientele. Most websites however, are built to reach-to and drive-in new clients.

SEGOLY SOLUTIONS has designed websites for several Physiotherapy clinics in the Greater Vancouver area. Due to the competitive nature of the Physiotherapy market, a great deal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort was put into these websites.  Whether you own a website that is not serving you well or would like to build one from scratch, we invite you to boost your online presence and contact us today.

Below are two Physiotherapy websites which were designed and developed by SEGOLY SOLUTIONS: