Website Design & Social Media

Engaging Customers through Social Media

I have been in the Web Design business for the last 3 years. Loved it and still do.

Social Media is where it is at now and I fully recognize that. Websites are still needed by most businesses but who knows where we will be a couple of years from now. Instead of hitting the switch all together though, my goal is to master the bridge between the two. In fact, I don’t think anyone should be hitting that switch at all. A good balance between the two must be struck in order for a website to succeed.

Social media is all about interacting with your customers in a level that was previously unattainable. Before it was all about presenting your existing customers and potential customers with information that you thought would be important to them. Every website would have a Contact Us page of course, allowing customers to “interact” with the business by filling in an electronic form and reaching the business mailbox with a click of a button. Now however, with Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, your customers can speak directly to you,¬†instantaneously.

In fact, customers are no longer looked at as “customers”. They are now “people”. The term B2C (Business to Customers) is said by some to be rapidly transforming toward B2P – Business to People. Through Social Media you are interacting with people. Customers now expect to be recognized as people, as they should! You therefore need to treat them like it and be able to speak to them at their level. You no longer get to hide behind your fancy website or your logo. Your customer want to see who is running the show. You need to engage your customers as a person, not as a brand.

Social Media can take up a lot of your time and some people get sucked right into it. Certain business owners are scared of stepping toward that direction just because they are already so busy as it is. However, for a serious business owner with the desire for growth, Social Media is absolutely vital.

Certain work fields are slowly working their way into Social Media. Some have zero presence in it. However, the individuals who are willing to think outside of the box and give it a shot are the ones who end up coming on top.

The truth is that every business has a place in Social Media